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Introductory Letter

Dear Team Leader,

Thank you for your willingness to be the team leader for Transformed in Love. If you are willing to take on this role, you undoubtedly already know the gift and grace it is to serve our Lord. Keep in mind that marriage preparation is truly a ministry that seeks to bring couples closer to God and to one another for God’s greater glory and their wellbeing. The more you can immerse this ministry and its participants in prayer, the more fruitful it will be. Offer all you do to his glory and trust that he is with you and will guide your steps.

Know as well that this is not just a marriage preparation ministry, but also a marriage enrichment ministry. The team couples who will assist you in this work will undoubtedly be blessed by their involvement and by the opportunity to benefit from the program alongside the engaged couples.

May your service in this program be a gift, and “in giving may you receive” a hundredfold in return.

Transformed in Love developers
Archdiocese of Boston